Best SEO Practices for Themeforest Envato Market Authors

This is common wish of all Authors at ThemeForest “When peoples search a WordPress theme in the search engine” then their products are on the top search results on the SERP. But how can it is possible and how they drive targeted traffic towards their item pages? The only answer of the question is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).    
Today I will told you how you can optimize your product page and how you drive targeted traffic to your product page. You can enjoy a great sale if you apply these tips ASAP. Let’s get started.

Find  those Keywords which are best suitable for your Product.

Keywords are the phrase and words actually peoples search on Search Engine. So it’s very important to get appropriate words which peoples search. Some tips for keywords are:
1.      Most Important is to search relevant keywords
2.      Choose keywords having decent searches
3.      Your keywords not too competitive
I thinks so that you must have idea about above points. But question is arise here that, how can we search less competitive, relevant and decent search keywords?
So I am here for you to giving answer of your this question. I suggest you some tools, by using these tools you must achieved Goal.

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 How to get Best Keywords?

Might you have noticed when you search anything in the Google search some you are given some suggestions? These are the trendy and popular searches.

Furthermore I suggest to some keywords searching tools that can help you for keyword searching.
Google Trends is best tool to let you know about the popular trends about peoples searches in a specific country area or region.
Google Keyword Tool  is a keyword searching tool which provides you combination of keywords.
Google Search Suggestions provides you best idea for a related search

Step-by-step process to search best keywords:

1.      First of all go to google trend and search about what are popular trends about your keywords.
2.      Select popular words from google trend and search them in keyword tool and check their searches, competition idea
3.      Then select those keywords which have high searches and low competition.

Optimization your Product Page


Must Use keyword in the Title of your product. Always use <h1> tag for Title and <h2>,<h3> for subheadings and your title length must be 50-55 characters. Because Google not shown more than 55 character title in the search results and  also gave preference to that products page which follow Google rules.

Use Keywords in Content:

Always use keywords in the content of your product page. Always use <strong> for keywords to emphasize on your keywords. This is best practice for Google Crawler to get rank on the SERP. 
If you want to see how you use keywords in Content then Click Here

Use Optimized Images:

How can you optimize your images? You must think when you read about Use Optimized images for your content. Yes you must need to use optimized images for your content. I told you how can you optimized your images?
1.      Your image size not more than 2 mb.
2.      Always use “Alt” tags for images and use keyword in the alt tag is best practice.
3.      Use relevant images

Quality Back Links For your Product

Back linking is the way by which you promote your product page and get targeted traffic to your page. Always make quality backlinks and Content Marketing Strategy is best practice for Envato market product. Writes article on your product and relevant product and share it to audience by social networks and other media. This is the experienced and best way to increase your sale by organically. 


At the end I hoped that you learn lot you things after reading this helpful article about Best SEO practice for Envato Market Product.
Do you have any other tips on how to send more organic traffic to your item pages on Envato Market? Share your insights in the comments below.

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