Top Trendy Design for Small Business Websites


Small business play important role to keep society moving. The key for a successful business is based on small business to provide something value to nation. Lot of true examples are in the society who start from a small business and now a days known as famous brand in the market.     
Web design vary from business to business. Corporate level business have a stuffy layouts but small one have very personal approach. Today my collection is a handful trend which is best suitable for small business websites. Whatever you are designing a Directory listing website or Education learning management system, we can apply these trends to all business websites to create a strong layout and digital identity for websites.

Natural Content Structure:
The best natural content structure is Directory which is practical and imitable for listing design. The front–end navigation and search is very awesome and easy by using crispy text and links. You can select colors of your own choice by color picker and color contrast is very heavy in all areas on every page where you jump from one page to another page. Header of every page is very interesting because images and photos summarize the content of the page. Both text and images visually describe the value offered by a company.

A Clean & Holy Layout

When I think about church, nonprofit org, fundraising, religion and donation website a cleanliness and Holy image come in mind. Clean and Holy layouts are very orderly. The best aspect of the niche’s websites to found anything is very easy and it is a big advantage for attract those peoples who are not internet tacky.
Westand multipurpose WordPress theme is the best example for Church, NGO, nonprofit and Holy purpose websites. Because it’s clear design and smooth layout focus on contrasting elements. Its slider and Nav menus catches your attention and you must draw to see the further website. Some of their animations feel a little complicated and I feel the site would run cleaner without the fading effects. But paying strict attention to the layout itself, content is clearly king. Especially on the Caviar FAQ page.

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